An Abortion Journey

Last year Nelufar had an abortion. The decision to terminate her pregnancy wasn’t difficult, but the process was. Though studies show abortion pills are safe and around 95-99% effective, in Nelufar’s case, they didn’t work. Shaken by her experiences seeking what should have been routine healthcare, Nelufar turns to full-spectrum doula Sara Bakr for rituals to help her heal from the trauma of medical gaslighting. At a farm and retreat center in the English countryside, Sara and the community who live and work there support Nelufar to process and move on from the experience.

If you're pregnant and want to talk with someone about your options, you can contact 1-888-493-0092 in the US and Canada, or the British Pregnancy Advisory Service at 03457 30 40 30. For more resources and a confidential talkline in the UK, check out

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